Clan Rules and Expectations

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Clan Rules and Expectations

Post  KingKiller611 on January 19th 2012, 01:52

Welcome to the Sinful Brigade! We're a laid-back clan that welcomes all Playstation 3 players, pros and noobs alike. We discuss tips and strategies, play together on PS3, practice together, and offer training to our less-experienced members. Overall, we are a friendly community of PS3 gamers.


1. No offensive language / content of any kind. This includes talks of hatred, porn, etc.
2. Constructive replies only; no need to demean a fellow member of the Brigade.
3. No excessive posting (double posting). Try to keep the forums organized.
4. When playing online, please use [SB] as your tag, so we can identify eachother.
5. Make friends, play in parties, and have fun!

If you think you can handle these rules, which hopefully you do, please continue to the Clan Application section to learn how to become a member.


- Founder and Leader of the Sinful Brigade
[SB] Leader
[SB] Leader

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