Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot Teams

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Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot Teams

Post  KingKiller611 on May 15th 2010, 21:43

The SBe is composed of three, two-man teams. The SBe has one leader and two co-leaders. Each co-leader has authority over his or her own team, while the SBe leader controls both his team and the other two teams. However, the co-leaders are still expected to lead their team as they see fit.


DELTA TEAM- This is the Assault team, responsible for leading the attack as well as rushing the enemy. They have the most responsibility in leading the attack, as well as flanking the enemy. They should be quick, light and nimble; they MUST be able to outmaneuver the enemy team.

ECHO TEAM- This is the Support team, responsible for supporting either Delta team or Echo team, depending on the battle. They should be versatile, have mid-range weapons, and be able to both rush and defend.

FOXTROT TEAM- This is the Defense team, responsible for defending the rear of the team, preventing the enemy from performing a flanking maneuver, and protecting acquired assets, the teams flag, or planted bombs. They should consist of at least one sniper and another person to support the sniper. If both are very proficient, two snipers are acceptable.


These names are best used in the heat of combat. Commands will be issued to teams, not individual names, and the members of the respective teams are expected to understand the orders. This will ultimately lead to quicker and more efficient mic communication.


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