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About the SBe

Post  StevenJones on September 14th 2010, 17:49

Welcome to the SBe, the Sinful Brigade Elite. I'm StevenJones, the leader of the SBe. This is the competitive section of the Sinful Brigade, where the truly skilled can be found. In this section, we compete with other clans in organized matches called "Gamebattles". If you want to know more, the website is HERE.

Being the Elite section of the clan, we cannot have everyone join. After all, where is the competitiveness in that? There can be a maximum of 10 people on the SBe at any one time, including me. If more the maximum number of people has been reach, and there is a worthy applicant, then the least worthy SBe member will be replaced. This may sound harsh, but remember, we in the SBe don't play to just have fun: WE PLAY TO WIN.

After hearing all this are you thinking: "Hey, I have dead on accuaracy!" "My soundwhoring skills are second to none!" "I can clutch games with my eyes closed!" ?? Then you might be the next member of this prestigious group!!


First, post an application in the section designated. It's called SBe Applications. I will review your application and, if you check out ok, you are now a Sinful Brigade Elite Recruit! You can now wear the tag [SBeR]. For four days the SBe members and I will review your playing style and ability, along with your game smarts and critical decision making ability. On the fifth day, I will decide if you have been admitted. The other SBe members can influence my decision, but I do have the final say.

If you are admitted into SBe, congratulations! You are now part of an elite team! Here's what you should do. Go to the gamebattles website and register and account. Once you do this, I will accept you onto the team. From there you are allowed to compete in matches against other clans!

For more information on the SBe, message me on playstation or add me as a friend. Write "SB" as your comment and I will 100% accept. PSN: StevenJonesss.

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