SBe application

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SBe application

Post  KKobes101 on November 30th 2010, 16:26



FAVOURITE WEAPON(S) (up to a maximum of three):FAMAS, AK74-u, COMMANDO

PREVIOUS GAMEBATTLES EXPERIENCE? IF YES EXPLAIN:yes, i played for call of duty 4 and a very small amount of world at war and MW2, they were poor teams and the leader didnt even schedule matches, hopefully i get accepted and get on a team that will actually try.

DO YOU HAVE A HEADSET? (not a mic):yes turtle beach

ON A SCALE OF 1-10, HOW STRONG A PLAYER DO YOU FEEL YOU ARE?:8 or 9 im a good player with some
really good games

WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? WEAKNESSES?:strength, smart player who can be a role player or a leader, and a weakness is that sometimes i get excited when i do good and start running around like a wild man thinking i'm invincible, lol

WHAT TYPE OF PLAYER ARE YOU?:Stealthy, I like to sneak behind em =p


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