KKobes101 Application

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KKobes101 Application

Post  KKobes101 on November 29th 2010, 19:32

Location:Westfield, MA, USA
Do you have a mic?:Turtle Beach
Which Call of Duty games do you have / plan on getting?:World at war, MW2, Black ops
How did you find us?:search engine
What are you looking for in a clan?:fun, competition, dominance
Any prior clan experience? Explain:yes a few gamebattles clans and 2 clans i made in the past
How often do you play online?once a day atleast weekends a lot
What times are you usually online (include time zone)?:weekdays after 2pm EST and weekends anytime
Any specific questions or concerns?:nope


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Re: KKobes101 Application

Post  KingKiller611 on November 29th 2010, 20:10

Welcome to Sinful Brigade! Feel free to browse around our forums and post freely.

The following established members have offered to welcome new members. Please add these PSNs immediately. When you send them a friend request, make sure you include "SB" somewhere in the message:







Please accept any/all of their party invites when you see them. Once you are part of their SB party, feel free to send friend requests to any other SB members you meet online.

I hope you enjoy it here!


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[SB] Leader

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